ECMAR is the "EU voice" for maritime applied research organisations

ECMAR is the Voice for Europe’s maritime applied research community

The scope of the ECMAR Association is focused on the development of a common strategy for European Research in the maritime industry, and to promote and support the adoption of the relevant research priorities within the area of EU funded Research, Innovation and Technology Development. ECMAR continues to seek close cooperation with industrial partners, universities and research organisations to develop future R&D in Europe,  particularly within the context of Horizon Europe, the EU funding regime for 2021-2027, and the allied Co-Programmed Partnerships "Zero Emission Waterborne Transport" that arises within it. 

  • Contributing to common Strategic Research Agenda
  • Supporting adoption of research priorities at EU level
  • Fostering Members in development of proactive research policy and industry strategy
  • Providing information on, and input to, policies, programmes & projects


Horizon Europe

ECMAR is currently working on preparing research priorities and topics for coming years 2025, 2026, 2027 and more particularly in the context of  Horizon Europe, the european multiannual financial framework for research and development and the Co-Programmed Partnership "Zero Emission Waterborne Transport". 

While preparing the future of maritime research activities, ECMAR ensures that its members benefit from these opportunities. Indeed ECMAR facilitates this task with the identification of topics, ensuring several networking opportunities and discussing R&D proposals.  

ECMAR is a Member of the technology platform "Waterborne TP" and the Co-Programmed Partnership "Zero Emission Waterborne Transport" and is involved in different working group. 


ECMAR Annual brokerage event

ECMAR annual Maritime Brokerage Event provides an overview on opportunities in the next round of calls for proposals under Horizon Europe,  as well as giving insight into the achievements made in running projects and into initiatives like WATERBORNE.

It is the ideal place to meet maritime R&D experts and find opportunities for cooperation with European partners.

Usually, there is one day about achievemnent of EU Innovation Projects coordinated or participated by ECMAR members. 

And a second day with presentations more focused on call for proposal on Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe and brokerages sessions organised.

The idea is to meet key players and jump into consortium to secure your next round of EU fundings.



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