ECMAR Members' Directory


ABS, a leading global provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence in design, construction and operation. With a strong presence in Europe, and ABS Hellenic in Piraeus, Greece as the biggest European branch, ABS is focused on the safe and practical application of advanced technologies and digital solutions for marine and offshore assets.

Atlantec Enterprise Solutions GmbH (AES)

Atlantec Enterprise Solutions GmbH (AES) is a software developing company located in Hamburg with long-term experience in developing, selling and maintaining sophisticated software systems for the maritime industry. The AES team includes experts in shipbuilding, engineering and computer science to provide solutions ranging from shipbuilding and offshore to ship operation and beyond, providing a holistic data management and analysis.

Aker Arctic

In addition to model and full scale testing services, the Company offers all kinds of consulting, design and engineering services, field expeditions, training and other technology services associated with technologies and operations in icy or severely cold conditions


The Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre is a national research and development Institute to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), performing fundamental and applied researches, tests, numerical modeling and analyses in the field of the ship hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, ocean engineering, coastal engineering, environment protection, water transport, defence etc. in service of the society


CETENA has been involved in research activities since its foundation in 1962 with important national and international research programmes. Research is the basis of our Company's know-how and has been developed with special attention for the needs of the maritime industry


The National Research Council (CNR) is the largest public research institution in Italy performing multidisciplinary activities comprising more than 8.000 employees, half of them being researchers and technologists. The activities in ECMAR are mainly connected with the CNR Institute of Marine Engineering which performs research activities in the fields of marine and maritime vehicles, renewable energy, underwater acoustics, electrical systems

Damen RDI

Damen Research, Development and Innovation is the centralised RD&I team in the Damen Group, with a focus on the development of knowledge, know-how and technology. Damen RD&I is active in: (1) Hydromechanics, (2) Mechanics & Systems, (3) Structures & Production, (4) Noise & Vibration, (5) Electrical, (6) Automation & Controls, (7) Data science and (8) Model Based Systems Engineering.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue is a research and consultancy company focused on Human Factors and Safety with a strong reputation, in EU R&D and Aviation in particular, as an excellence in design and evaluation of tools and procedures in complex systems. Deep Blue, in its 20+ years’ experience in Human Factors, Safety and Validation, provides consultancy and training aimed at increasing efficiency and human performance in safety critical and highly automated systems.

Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (DST)

The DST provides consulting services in respect of all technical and economic questions regarding the development and implementation of market-orientated transport concepts that include inland and coastal navigation for transport service providers, the industrial sector and policy makers


EPSILON Malta Ltd is a Technology Resources Engineering & Consulting with history since 1985 (Boston/USA) and in Europe since 1990 with proficiency in: Shipping & Maritime, Aviation & Aerospace, Geoinformatics & ICT technologies, Natural Disasters & Homeland Security, Water, Environment & Ecosystems, Marine Sciences, Economics & Management. Its Head Offices are in Malta with companies in GR, BG, CY, IT.

FORCE Technology

At FORCE Technology we consider our customers to be paramount whether it concerns counselling or service of private or public businesses in Denmark and internationally

Friendship Systems

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS is a leader in CFD-driven shape optimization of complex free-form geometries. Their flagship product CAESES is an integration and automation platform that includes simulation-ready variable CAD, flexible coupling to external CFD codes and formal optimization. Complementing the software business, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS consults in the fields of design processes, parametric modeling and optimization, particularly in naval architecture.


For more than nine decades, the private and independent Hamburg Ship Model Basin HSVA has been at the forefront of hydrodynamic research. HSVA has influenced and led developments of testing technology, methods, standardisation and numerical procedures to solve complex problems.


MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), has become a reliable, independent and innovative service provider for the maritime sector and a contributor to the well being of society. We take initiative to couple our own expertise to Concept Development, Design Support, Operations Support and Tool Development.

Marine and Arctic Technology group

The Marine and Arctic Technology group of Aalto University is recognized for its high-quality research and societal and industrial impact. We undertake initiatives in research and focus on high-level scientific challenges with technological impact. We engage in both long- and short-term projects, enabling strategic developments and rapid actions related to the emerging needs of society.


Principia group has a combined resource of more than 40 naval engineers, naval architects, draftsmen and specialists to assist worldwide Operators, Companies, Shipyards and Naval Design Offices on naval projects.


Former MARINTEK is now part of SINTEF Ocean AS, a company in SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. SINTEF Ocean develops and verifies technological solutions, business and operating concepts for the shipping, marine equipment, ocean energy, petroleum, fishery, and aquaculture industries. An important part in our operations is a wide portfolio of state of the are laboratories.

Ship Design Group

Ship Design Group (SDG) is a company of naval architects, marine engineers and consultants. SDG is offering a complete set of design and consultancy services, starting with the earlier design stages up to production information.


With a staff of 140+ employees, SIREHNA is a subsidiary of Naval Group, specialized in the control of naval platform dynamic behavior since 1986. Based on this expertise, SIREHNA offers operational and efficient products & services, such as a dynamic positioning system, unmanned surface vessel, navigation optimization & aids and maritime surveillance systems.

Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI)

Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI) is the largest entity of its kind in the world, with expertise in everything from naval architecture to the social sciences. Our 350 specialists work across academic divides, and in partnership with external organisations, to address issues in the natural ocean environment (marine) and human use of the sea (maritime).


Effective transport solutions, low fuel consumption, clean and vital coastal zones! At SSPA we supply attractive solutions for our customers, today and for the future. We create profit for our customers though sustainable, innovative, and world leading maritime solutions.


Vienna Model Basin is one of the oldest and most experienced companies providing services in ship design and maritime operations. It is a leading company in hydrodynamic scientific with DIN ISO9001 approval. Vienna Model Basins clients include industries, shipyards, shipowners, ports, universities and authorities world-wide.

VICUS Desarollos Technologicos

VICUS Desarollos Technologicos is a technological, dynamic and innovating company, committed to research and technological development in the shipping and energy sectors. The company was founded with the aim of creating our research team of personnel enabled to develop or to give support in all types of R+D+i projects. Our research team is specialized in the analysis and design using the most up-to-date CAD-CAE tools.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a globally networked multitechnological applied research organization. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. We enhance our customers’ competitiveness, thereby creating prerequisites for society’s sustainable development, employment, and wellbeing.